Replay- The DataView Show #12: Protecting Sensitive Data with IBM Guardium – Customer Experiences and Advice

During this show, our guest speaker, Tim Tait, IBM Champion, covered an overview of Guardium and its many features that can be used to monitor and protect Sensitive Data. He also covered examples of how data security practices are implemented within his organization using Guardium.

About our special guest:
Tim Tait is a data security professional who has been working with Guardium for 9 years. He has been the driving force for the shift from compliance reporting to a security focused Guardium environment. He is responsible for all facets of Guardium including infrastructure and data administration. Tim is an IBM Champion and is highly regarded as a top expert in his field by many IBM professionals.

Tim Tait, Data Security Specialist, IBM Champion

Watch the Replay!

Don’t miss a minute of it! Our audience asked great questions!

Useful Links

Guardium Supported Platforms

Integration of Guardium with Cloudera Hadoop

IBM Security Guardium User Community

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