Replay- The DataView Show #20: “Watson IoT – TRIRIGA Platform & Workflows – Theory and How to”

100% of our studio audience learned something!

During this show, our special guest, Paolo Tortiglione, presented an overview of the Watson IoT Tririga Platform and showed how to customize the customer environment. Paolo demonstrated a deep view on Tririga Workflows, techniques, methodologies and “how to” using live demo lab.

Guest BIO:
Paolo has more than 27 years of teaching and consulting for IBM customers, especially the larger International and multinational companies. Paolo is an IBM Certified Senior Expert & Specialist with 16 different certifications in several areas including IoT, Tririga, Security, Qradar, i2, and Monitoring. He currently delivers courses and training through his own company ( in USA, EMEA, Middle East, and all of Europe. Paolo Tortiglione has been nominated an IBM Champion 2011 to 2020.

Paolo Tortiglione, IBM IoT and Security Consultant, IBM Champion
Paolo Tortiglione, IBM IoT and Security Consultant, IBM Champion


This show is 58 minutes long – don’t miss a minute!

That’s a Wrap!

Episode #20 completes Season #1 of The DataView Show webinar series. Hopefully we’ll be back this September/October with a fresh new season of webinars focused on IBM AI and Data Technologies.

Replay- The DataView Show #19: IBM Replication – Data Delivery in 2020, guest Frank Fillmore

100% of our live studio audience learned something from Frank!

IBM Gold Consultant and replication expert Frank Fillmore delivered an information-packed presentation covering an overview of IBM replication solutions that are available today. Whether you are a current IBM replication user, investigating replication for a new edge system, or working with a competitor’s solution, this webinar will help you understand what IBM replication solutions support today, and the latest sources, targets and deployment models to help your organization successfully deliver fast and accurate replicated data. Frank will provide an update on recent replication enhancements and an overview of the replication pricing model and options to reduce replication costs. You want your data to be available when you need it and where you need it. Learn how IBM replication solutions can help.

Bio: Frank C. Fillmore, Jr. is the Founder and President of The Fillmore Group, Inc., an IBM Business Partner specializing in replication solutions in the IBM Data & AI portfolio. Frank has been an IBM Gold Consultant since 1998 and is currently an IBM Champion for both Analytics and System z. Frank frequently presents on replication topics and is an IBM authorized instructor for delivery of replication courses including Q Replication and ICDC. Frank leads a team of expert consultants delivering presales, implementation and enablement support to IBM replication customers. Frank blogs frequently on replication topics on The Fillmore Group’s blog at

Frank Fillmore, IBM Gold Consultant and Champion, The Fillmore Group
Frank Fillmore, IBM Gold Consultant and Champion, The Fillmore Group


This show is 1 hour and 10 minutes long – don’t miss a minute of it!


Frank Fillmore was kind enough to share a PDF of his presentation: CLICK HERE to access the PDF.

Replay- The DataView Show #18: Dealing with the Big Data Security Challenge, guest Ronan Murphy

Absolutely fascinating! 100% of our live audience learned something! You will learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting information security, about regulations, fascinating statistics, solutions from IBM QRadar, IBM Guardium, GetVisibility, and more.

About this presentation:
There’s more data in the world than ever before. What’s more, data is also more mobile than ever, moving fluidly with users between on-premise and cloud-based environments. This new landscape opens up a slew of brand new security concerns. This Session will look at this significant challenge and explore solutions.

BIO for our special guest, Ronan Murphy:
Ronan Murphy is Group Chief Executive of He is internationally recognised as an expert in the areas of corporate and enterprise security, development of cyber defence programs, and business operations protection for large enterprises. He and his team have responsibility for the protection of critical infrastructure technologies that protect hundreds of thousands of companies across the world.

Ronan Murphy, Group Chief Executive,
Ronan Murphy, Group Chief Executive,


This show is 1 hour 2 minutes long – don’t miss the great questions at the end!


A PDF of Ronan’s slides is not available; however, you can learn more about GetVisibility by accessing their PDF Brochure.

Replay- The DataView Show #17: Best Developer Features for Db2 z/OS V9-12 and LUW

Our special guest, Tony Andrews, shared his favorite newest developer features found in recent releases of IBM Db2. The enhancement lists are impressive, but the SQL tips are awesome! Be careful, you might get addicted to this replay!


  • Highlight the many new SQL enhancements and features from V9 to V12
  • Highlight the SQL enhancements that were especially helpful and efficient for developers
  • Covers SQL coding, optimization, and application design
  • Take away many great SQL examples

BIO for our special guest, Tony Andrews:
Tony Andrews has more than 25 years’ experience in the development of IBM Db2 relational database applications. Most of this time, he has provided development and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Tony has written literally thousands of queries and programs during his development years, and he has also served as a Db2 database analyst. For the past 10 years, Tony has been splitting his time between consulting engagements and training. His main focus is to teach today’s developers the ways of RDBMS application design, development, and SQL programming— always with a special emphasis on improving performance.

Tony is a current IBM champion and regular lecturer at industry conferences and local user groups. You may have seen him present at such events as IDUG NA and EMEA, and many regional users groups. He is a published author and is well known for his “Top 25+ Tuning Tips for Developers” presentations. Tony was awarded a ‘Best Speaker’ at the IDUG NA 2019 conference.

Tony Andrews, Db2 z/OS Expert, Teacher, Consultant
Tony Andrews, Db2 z/OS Expert, Teacher, Consultant, Themis Inc.


This show is 1hr 14 minutes long. Don’t miss a minute of it!


Tony was kind enough to share a PDF of his presentation. CLICK HERE to get your copy! Thanks!

Replay- The DataView Show #16: Db2 11.5 Updates with Keri Romanufa, IBM Canada Lab

During Episode #16 of The DataView Show, Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect, gave highlights of everything that is new in Db2 11.5, plus did a deep dive on her favorite “Top 10” new features and capabilities.

Keri also fielded dozens of great questions from our HUGE live audience. 99% of our studio audience learned something from Keri – what will you learn? Some questions were asked during Keri’s awesome presentation, but most are asked and answered near the end during the Q&A.

We encourage you to Subscribe to The DataView Show channel on YouTube so you don’t miss any free education about IBM Data and AI technologies. And, if you learn anything helpful, we’d sure appreciate your likes! Likes make our guests smile! Thank you!

Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect
Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Technical Architect


This show is 1 hour 22 minutes long thanks to all the great questions that our audience asked. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!


IBM Virtual User Group Days

Replay- The DataView Show #15: ALL ABOUT IDUG, Conferences and Resources, plus IBM Community News

In addition to hosting conferences around the world, the International Db2 User Group also provides many valuable educational resources. During this show, IDUG volunteers Dustin Ratliff, 2020 CPC Chair, and Javier Benavides, Chair-Elect Content Committee, shared news about IDUG 2020 conferences, blogs, articles, channels, and many more helpful resources that will be useful in enhancing Db2 IT Professional careers. Visit

IDUG North America, Dallas, TX June 7-11, 2020
IDUG North America, Dallas, TX June 7-11, 2020 (Postponed, TBD)

IBM announced Virtual Community Days on May 19 and May 20. Top speakers and user groups will be providing interesting and helpful presentations. IBM is launching IBM TV too. Refer to the included PDF below for more information, and then visit

IBM Community Logo
Visit The IBM Community

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and visit for more free education. We love subscribers and appreciate your thumbs up!

Watch the Replay


IDUG Presentation – includes many helpful URLs

IBM Virtual User Group Day May 19/20 – Learn more from this one page summary!

Replay- The DataView Show #14: SQL Performance Best Practices – especially for Big Data

This presentation discusses the SQL best practices that are critically important as databases get bigger and more complex. This presentation will discuss the SQL writing techniques, table cardinality, index factors, and other consideration that make your SQL run faster. You will learn through this presentation SQL best practices tuning tips, the real life issues, and agile SQL considerations for working with Spring Batch, Docker Containers and other agile tools.

This presentation was developed for application developers to help them understand high performance SQL factors for running against tables that contain billions of rows. These SQL techniques, table factors and index considerations discussed show how small critical factors can make a big performance difference against big data tables. SQL functions, UDFs, common table expressions CTE and other SQL techniques are only some of the factors that need to be considered in the SQL development cycle. This presentation will help you understand all these SQL performance factors and the best practices used to get the fastest SQL results from your biggest tables.

About our special guest:
Dave Beulke and Associates is a customer-focused and results-oriented DB2 consulting, DB2 training and education and software company specializing in overall performance for all aspects of information technology. We specialize in IBM’s DB2 database running on any platform and help companies reduce CPU demands by as much as 40%, saving our customers millions of dollars. Through focused DB2 performance consulting engagements, we have improved computing performance of systems, databases, application and SQL reducing total cost of ownership and eliminating the need to upgrade computing hardware.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and visit for more free education. We love subscribers and appreciate your thumbs up!

Dave Beulke, IBM GOLD Consultant and Champion
Dave Beulke, IBM GOLD Consultant and Champion


97% of our HUGE live audience learned something! What will you learn?


A PDF makes great reference material, but you are cheating yourself if you don’t watch the video above! Dave elaborates key points and addresses several audience questions! Get the PDF here!

Replay- The DataView Show #13: IBM THINK Updates plus Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon

During this show, Colleen Bisconti, IBM VP Global Events and Conferences, gave us an update on the new, re-imagined, IBM THINK virtual conference May 5-7, 2020. Get the scoop from Colleen during the first 15 minutes, then visit to register for this FREE virtual conference!

Following Colleen, Aylee Nielsen, IBM Community Manager, and Austin Eovito, Data Scientist, gave a compelling presentation about the new Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon with an $8,000 prize pool. Austin’s presentation on EXPLAINABILTY was very intriguing. To learn more about the Masterclass and Hackathon, visit:

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and visit for more free education. We love subscribers and appreciate your thumbs up!

Think about THINK plus Data Science Hackathon
Think about THINK plus Data Science Hackathon

Watch the Replay!

IBM THINK updates during first 15 minutes, then news and information about Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon during the remainder of the show.

Get a PDF!

CLICK HERE to get a PDF copy of Austin Eovito’s presentation on Explainability. His presentation includes references to several helpful resources and papers.

Replay- The DataView Show #12: Protecting Sensitive Data with IBM Guardium – Customer Experiences and Advice

During this show, our guest speaker, Tim Tait, IBM Champion, covered an overview of Guardium and its many features that can be used to monitor and protect Sensitive Data. He also covered examples of how data security practices are implemented within his organization using Guardium.

About our special guest:
Tim Tait is a data security professional who has been working with Guardium for 9 years. He has been the driving force for the shift from compliance reporting to a security focused Guardium environment. He is responsible for all facets of Guardium including infrastructure and data administration. Tim is an IBM Champion and is highly regarded as a top expert in his field by many IBM professionals.

Tim Tait, Data Security Specialist, IBM Champion

Watch the Replay!

Don’t miss a minute of it! Our audience asked great questions!

Useful Links

Guardium Supported Platforms

Integration of Guardium with Cloudera Hadoop

IBM Security Guardium User Community

Replay- The DataView Show #11: IBM Cloud- Get Started and Make your business Agile!

No slides! All Demo! 100% of our audience learned something! #Awesome

Our guest, Simon Lightstone, demonstrated how to build a Chatbot in less than 15 minutes, and then he demonstrated using IBM Db2 in the Cloud. And you can do all this yourself for FREE (no credit cards required)!

Simon Lightstone, Managing Partner, Levion Partners
Simon Lightstone, Managing Partner, Levion Partners

Watch the Replay!

2020 State of the Db2 Universe Study

There is still time to participate in the 2020 State of the Db2 Universe Study! You could win a badge to IDUG Dallas June 4-7 or one of five $50 gift cards, or you can opt out of winning if you hate winning. Study results will be shared with participants (must provide your email). Make your Db2 voice heard by CLICKING HERE and completing the survey. The study closes 2 March 2020 at 9pm CST. Thank you!