Replay- The DataView Show #13: IBM THINK Updates plus Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon

During this show, Colleen Bisconti, IBM VP Global Events and Conferences, gave us an update on the new, re-imagined, IBM THINK virtual conference May 5-7, 2020. Get the scoop from Colleen during the first 15 minutes, then visit to register for this FREE virtual conference!

Following Colleen, Aylee Nielsen, IBM Community Manager, and Austin Eovito, Data Scientist, gave a compelling presentation about the new Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon with an $8,000 prize pool. Austin’s presentation on EXPLAINABILTY was very intriguing. To learn more about the Masterclass and Hackathon, visit:

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Think about THINK plus Data Science Hackathon
Think about THINK plus Data Science Hackathon

Watch the Replay!

IBM THINK updates during first 15 minutes, then news and information about Data Science Masterclass and Hackathon during the remainder of the show.

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CLICK HERE to get a PDF copy of Austin Eovito’s presentation on Explainability. His presentation includes references to several helpful resources and papers.

Replay- The DataView Show #10: AI in BI: Augmented Intelligence Built into IBM Cognos Analytics

This session explored in detail the AI architecture built into IBM Cognos Analytics. You will learn how machine learning, natural language processing, ontologies and other cognitive capabilities are continuing to improve the user experience in IBM Cognos Analytics. Discover how traditional steps in the business intelligence process are now automated to create a simplified user experience. You’ll also discover how the AI in Cognos Analytics offers another perspective in making unbiased data-discovery a reality. You can learn more about Cognos and AI by visiting:

Jason Tavoularis, Offering Manager, IBM Cognos
Jason Tavoularis, Offering Manager, IBM Cognos


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Replay – The DataView Show #9: “Marketing Challenges and Puzzles”

Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing, was our special guest, and it sure was a special show! 100% of our live audience learned something! Feedback from our audience was extremely positive! This wasn’t our usual “technical” show, but instead a show that was insightful, fun, and informative, and you will learn great advice that will be helpful to your IT careers!

Buell shared many insights about IBM strategies and priorities. He told stories. He shared advice. It was awesome! Do not try to serve him a Pimento Cheese sandwich!

Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing
Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing

Here are some of the questions that were asked: How will IBM make our lives awesome? And how is IBM getting the word out? What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about? Why should someone attend the IBM Think Conference? Do you remember your first day at IBM 45 years ago? How much did that suit cost? Besides your current job at IBM, what was a previous favorite and why? What was the favorite thing you learned or did during your IBM career? If you could do anything different over the last 40 years at IBM, what would that be? (Host Scott Hayes LOVED his answer) Do you have any career advice for IT people? (Hint: keep skills sharp and mind your attitude, and more). What is the IBM culture like, and how has it changed? Arvind, the new CEO of IBM, is your boss – have you spoken with him yet and how did it go? What is the importance of Data? Of AI?


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Replay – The DataView Show #7: “Db2, The AI Database, and managing data efficiently in a hybrid cloud world”

For episode #7, IBM Executives Matthias Funke and Thomas Chu were our special guests. They offered this description for their presentation: “Learn how to modernize data architectures, avoid lock-in and drive economic value across a hybrid cloud data architecture with the AI database that both leverages and supports AI.”

Matthias Funke, Thomas Chu, IBM Db2
Matthias Funke, Thomas Chu, IBM Db2

97% of our huge studio audience learned something! This session was quite interactive with many questions from our audience. You will learn about future directions, IBM strategies, Netezza futures, Informix futures, AI, The Db2 Augmented Data Explorer, pureScale, Db2 on z/Linux, Cloud, Cloud Paks, and more.

And have you ever heard IBM executives sing before? Don’t miss it! Today was Stuart Litel’s 21st birthday and we celebrated his efforts to make The DataView Show possible!

Watch the Replay!

This show is 1 hour 8 minutes long and we hope you enjoy every minute of it!

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Our guests graciously offered to provide a PDF of their slides. However, don’t just grab the PDF and read it – you’ll want to watch the replay too because there were many excellent questions from our audience and our guests covered many topics not included on the slides! GET THE PDF HERE.

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Check out the new FREE IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer Tool. It’s a cool GUI with AI built-in that will help you mine knowledge from your data!

Have you tried the new IBM Data Management Console yet? DMC is the successor product to IBM DSM.

Get your feet wet and your mind invigorated with Artificial Intelligence by checking out Watson Auto-AI.

The DataView Show #3: Al Martin, IBM VP, presents “The Ladder to AI”

Watch Al Martin, Data and AI Man Extraordinaire, as he discusses how profoundly Information Architecture provides the foundation to climb the ladder to AI, and what steps are available at every stage of your company’s AI journey. Are you thinking about Hybrid-Multi-Cloud, bringing Analytics to the Data, and how to keep it all Secure? These should be key tenants of your architecture to infuse AI into your enterprise (that’s Augmented Intelligence, not necessarily “Al” Martin Intelligence!). Finally, Al will discuss how AI is not magic, but is indeed a series of concrete steps to help your citizen data scientists make better decisions.

One of the coolest things Al talked about was IBM Watson “AutoAI”. The demonstration video was awesome (see replay below).

100% of our studio audience learned something! What will you learn?

Watch the Replay!

We edited the video to properly include Al’s videos in the recording. And we took out some rubbish too. You’re welcome!

The show is 1 hour and 5 minutes long. Hope you enjoy every second of it!

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CLICK HERE to get a PDF of Al Martin’s presentation. For many of the slides, you really need to hear what Al has to say, so watch the YouTube replay if you can! Also, the video demonstrations are obviously not included in the PDF.

Replay The DataView Show #2: Steve Astorino, IBM VP, presents “INFUSE Your Apps with AI”

During this show, learn how IBM leverages the power of AI to enhance the capabilities of their solutions and provide better value through digitally transformed products in the Data and AI portfolios. Learn how Db2 leverages AI to provide better performance, more optimized SQL and access plans, Natural Language Query, anomaly detections, smart monitoring and enhanced alerting. Further, learn how IBM Business Analytics (BA) offerings leverage AI for SMART dashboarding and planning. Envision simply loading a data set and our BA tool providing a pre-built, intelligent dashboard automatically through AI algorithms.

Guests include Steve Astorino, IBM VP Db2 and Analytics, plus associates Shaikh Quader, Lead AI Architect for Db2, and Jason Tavoularis, IBM Product Offering Manager. Demonstration videos were included during the show and you can see them in our replay as well.

In addition, Libby Ingrassia, IBM Champion “Mom”, provided terrific information about the IBM Champion program. Nominate yourself or someone worthy before 5 November 2019 at

100% of our studio audience learned something! What will you learn?

Watch the Replay!

The replay video has been edited and corrected to properly include the demo videos that IBM provided! YAY!

The show is 1 hour 15 minutes long. Apologies for the first minute – had some technical challenges today. Please watch as much as you can handle, and please subscribe to The DataView Show channel on YouTube. YouTube permits us to do great things once we reach enough subscribers and viewing time. Comments are welcomed. Be nice. Thank you for watching!

IBM Champion Update

If you are interested solely in Libby Ingrassia’s IBM Champion Program update, then you can enjoy her 10 minute presentation below!

New shows Scheduled!

The DataView Show is super excited to present Raghu Cherukuru, aka “Raghu on Tech” on 21 November 2019, 11am Central. Raghu will teach his best Db2 LUW Performance Tips and Tricks! CLICK TO REGISTER!

On 5 December 2019, The DataView Show will host the FAMOUS Paul Zikopolous, VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems, IBM. Paul has been on TV shows, written 19 books, and appeared on many top lists of “who’s who” in Big Data. “The SPEEDup of Everything will talk about some AI uses cases, the problem with data, how AI is going to help us … and how you get your AI going faster.” CLICK TO REGISTER!

Replay The DataView Show #1: Db2 HDM News and Db2 Hack-A-Thon

The DataView Show kicked off with three IBM guest presenters. You will learn about the upcoming Db2 Hack-A-Thon from Aylee Nielsen and Vin Agrawal. After their brief presentation, Les King shares with our audience a terrific presentation that covers the latest IBM Db2 Hybrid Data Management News, plus Les explains how to get started on your journey towards AI.

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There is a new beta available for the Db2 Augmented Data Explorer. It’s free. It’s cool. Check it out.

Do you like free code samples to bootstrap your Db2 efforts? IBM has now made Db2 Samples available on GitHub.

Farewell IBM DSM. There’s new Db2 tooling coming from IBM. Check out the new Db2 Console. Peter Kohlmann, IBM, will present on the new Db2 Console on 19 December 2019 during Episode #6 of The DataView Show. Save the date!

There’s a new free e-book on using JSON with Db2.

Lastly, if you are an IBM Champion, or if you know someone who should be an IBM Champion, then make sure you complete The IBM Champion nomination form by 1 November 2019. As a Lifetime IBM Champion, I can attest that the benefits of this recognition are terrific!

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A New Webinar Series for IT Professionals

The DataView Show is a new webinar series curated by Scott Hayes, LIFETIME IBM Champion and IBM Gold Consultant, created in cooperation with IBM. The webinars, aka “Shows”, will be focused on AI and related IBM Data Technologies. Guests will include IBM Executives and top industry experts.

Previously Scott Hayes managed The Db2Night Show for ten years and it became incredibly popular with Db2 professionals around the globe. The DataView Show will build on this success while expanding content to various IBM technologies including AI, Watson, Cloud, Cognos, Informix, Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW, and more.

Watch this space for replay information and show news.