Replay The DataView Show #2: Steve Astorino, IBM VP, presents “INFUSE Your Apps with AI”

During this show, learn how IBM leverages the power of AI to enhance the capabilities of their solutions and provide better value through digitally transformed products in the Data and AI portfolios. Learn how Db2 leverages AI to provide better performance, more optimized SQL and access plans, Natural Language Query, anomaly detections, smart monitoring and enhanced alerting. Further, learn how IBM Business Analytics (BA) offerings leverage AI for SMART dashboarding and planning. Envision simply loading a data set and our BA tool providing a pre-built, intelligent dashboard automatically through AI algorithms.

Guests include Steve Astorino, IBM VP Db2 and Analytics, plus associates Shaikh Quader, Lead AI Architect for Db2, and Jason Tavoularis, IBM Product Offering Manager. Demonstration videos were included during the show and you can see them in our replay as well.

In addition, Libby Ingrassia, IBM Champion “Mom”, provided terrific information about the IBM Champion program. Nominate yourself or someone worthy before 5 November 2019 at

100% of our studio audience learned something! What will you learn?

Watch the Replay!

The replay video has been edited and corrected to properly include the demo videos that IBM provided! YAY!

The show is 1 hour 15 minutes long. Apologies for the first minute – had some technical challenges today. Please watch as much as you can handle, and please subscribe to The DataView Show channel on YouTube. YouTube permits us to do great things once we reach enough subscribers and viewing time. Comments are welcomed. Be nice. Thank you for watching!

IBM Champion Update

If you are interested solely in Libby Ingrassia’s IBM Champion Program update, then you can enjoy her 10 minute presentation below!