Replay- The DataView Show #16: Db2 11.5 Updates with Keri Romanufa, IBM Canada Lab

During Episode #16 of The DataView Show, Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect, gave highlights of everything that is new in Db2 11.5, plus did a deep dive on her favorite “Top 10” new features and capabilities.

Keri also fielded dozens of great questions from our HUGE live audience. 99% of our studio audience learned something from Keri – what will you learn? Some questions were asked during Keri’s awesome presentation, but most are asked and answered near the end during the Q&A.

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Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect
Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Technical Architect


This show is 1 hour 22 minutes long thanks to all the great questions that our audience asked. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!


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