Replay- The DataView Show #16: Db2 11.5 Updates with Keri Romanufa, IBM Canada Lab

During Episode #16 of The DataView Show, Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect, gave highlights of everything that is new in Db2 11.5, plus did a deep dive on her favorite “Top 10” new features and capabilities.

Keri also fielded dozens of great questions from our HUGE live audience. 99% of our studio audience learned something from Keri – what will you learn? Some questions were asked during Keri’s awesome presentation, but most are asked and answered near the end during the Q&A.

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Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Architect
Keri Romanufa, IBM STSM and Db2 Chief Technical Architect


This show is 1 hour 22 minutes long thanks to all the great questions that our audience asked. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!


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Replay- The DataView Show #14: SQL Performance Best Practices – especially for Big Data

This presentation discusses the SQL best practices that are critically important as databases get bigger and more complex. This presentation will discuss the SQL writing techniques, table cardinality, index factors, and other consideration that make your SQL run faster. You will learn through this presentation SQL best practices tuning tips, the real life issues, and agile SQL considerations for working with Spring Batch, Docker Containers and other agile tools.

This presentation was developed for application developers to help them understand high performance SQL factors for running against tables that contain billions of rows. These SQL techniques, table factors and index considerations discussed show how small critical factors can make a big performance difference against big data tables. SQL functions, UDFs, common table expressions CTE and other SQL techniques are only some of the factors that need to be considered in the SQL development cycle. This presentation will help you understand all these SQL performance factors and the best practices used to get the fastest SQL results from your biggest tables.

About our special guest:
Dave Beulke and Associates is a customer-focused and results-oriented DB2 consulting, DB2 training and education and software company specializing in overall performance for all aspects of information technology. We specialize in IBM’s DB2 database running on any platform and help companies reduce CPU demands by as much as 40%, saving our customers millions of dollars. Through focused DB2 performance consulting engagements, we have improved computing performance of systems, databases, application and SQL reducing total cost of ownership and eliminating the need to upgrade computing hardware.

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Dave Beulke, IBM GOLD Consultant and Champion
Dave Beulke, IBM GOLD Consultant and Champion


97% of our HUGE live audience learned something! What will you learn?


A PDF makes great reference material, but you are cheating yourself if you don’t watch the video above! Dave elaborates key points and addresses several audience questions! Get the PDF here!

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On 5 December 2019, The DataView Show will host the FAMOUS Paul Zikopolous, VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems, IBM. Paul has been on TV shows, written 19 books, and appeared on many top lists of “who’s who” in Big Data. “The SPEEDup of Everything will talk about some AI uses cases, the problem with data, how AI is going to help us … and how you get your AI going faster.” CLICK TO REGISTER!