Replay- The DataView Show #17: Best Developer Features for Db2 z/OS V9-12 and LUW

Our special guest, Tony Andrews, shared his favorite newest developer features found in recent releases of IBM Db2. The enhancement lists are impressive, but the SQL tips are awesome! Be careful, you might get addicted to this replay!


  • Highlight the many new SQL enhancements and features from V9 to V12
  • Highlight the SQL enhancements that were especially helpful and efficient for developers
  • Covers SQL coding, optimization, and application design
  • Take away many great SQL examples

BIO for our special guest, Tony Andrews:
Tony Andrews has more than 25 years’ experience in the development of IBM Db2 relational database applications. Most of this time, he has provided development and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Tony has written literally thousands of queries and programs during his development years, and he has also served as a Db2 database analyst. For the past 10 years, Tony has been splitting his time between consulting engagements and training. His main focus is to teach today’s developers the ways of RDBMS application design, development, and SQL programming— always with a special emphasis on improving performance.

Tony is a current IBM champion and regular lecturer at industry conferences and local user groups. You may have seen him present at such events as IDUG NA and EMEA, and many regional users groups. He is a published author and is well known for his “Top 25+ Tuning Tips for Developers” presentations. Tony was awarded a ‘Best Speaker’ at the IDUG NA 2019 conference.

Tony Andrews, Db2 z/OS Expert, Teacher, Consultant
Tony Andrews, Db2 z/OS Expert, Teacher, Consultant, Themis Inc.


This show is 1hr 14 minutes long. Don’t miss a minute of it!


Tony was kind enough to share a PDF of his presentation. CLICK HERE to get your copy! Thanks!

Replay – The DataView Show #8: “Theory to Practice: Db2 HADR in the Real World” with guest Ember Crooks

Famous blogger, IBM Champion, and IBM Gold Consultant Ember Crooks presents her real world experiences and best practices for using Db2 HADR. She describes her presentation as follows:

Have you ever seen the “poison pill” message in your Db2 diagnostic log just before Db2 crashes to prevent split brain? Have you ever needed to know before implementing HADR or changing the SYNCMODE what the performance impact might be on your primary database? Join Ember to learn the planning and decisions behind an HADR implementation and the tools to make your work with HADR successful. Hear stories from HADR challenges and problems in the real world.

If somehow you aren’t friends with Ember yet, here is her short BIO:

Ember has 18+ years of experience with Db2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. She is the founder and principal author of the popular technical blog where she educates herself and others through example and case study. Ember is an IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion in Information Management, and she is a very popular top speaker at IDUG conferences worldwide. You can follow Ember on Twitter at @ember_crooks.

Ember Crooks, IBM Champion and Gold Consultant
Ember Crooks, IBM Champion and Gold Consultant

98% of our HUGE studio audience learned something from Ember! The recording is 1 hour 12 minutes long and you won’t want to miss a single minute of it. Ember has kindly agreed to make her slides available, but you need to hear her explanations, see the screen animations, and experience the many great questions from our audience!

Watch the Replay!

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Get the PDF Handout

PDFs make great reference material, but make sure you watch the replay – it’s the only way to benefit from screen animations, Ember’s explanations, and learn from the many great questions that our audience asked! GET THE PDF HERE.

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The DataView Show #4: Db2 LUW Performance Tips and Tricks by “Raghu on Tech”

Top blogger Raghu Cherukuru, aka “Raghu on Tech”, shares his best tips and tricks for analyzing and improving Db2 LUW database performance. His super helpful and very interesting blog posts can be found at – check it out!

During this show Raghu covered Db2 monitoring and tools (the free or built-in kind), monitoring with WLM, Db2 pureScale tips, Db2 DPF advice, Db2 sorting, index design, SQL tuning, and Explain plans.

Raghu Cherukuru, Sr. DBA

100% of our large studio audience learned something! What will you learn?

Watch the Replay!

The show is 1 hour and 5 minutes long – we hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Get a PDF!

We can’t always do this, but Raghu was gracious enough to allow us to make a PDF of his presentation available: CLICK HERE for PDF

Experimental – MP4 Video

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Replay The DataView Show #2: Steve Astorino, IBM VP, presents “INFUSE Your Apps with AI”

During this show, learn how IBM leverages the power of AI to enhance the capabilities of their solutions and provide better value through digitally transformed products in the Data and AI portfolios. Learn how Db2 leverages AI to provide better performance, more optimized SQL and access plans, Natural Language Query, anomaly detections, smart monitoring and enhanced alerting. Further, learn how IBM Business Analytics (BA) offerings leverage AI for SMART dashboarding and planning. Envision simply loading a data set and our BA tool providing a pre-built, intelligent dashboard automatically through AI algorithms.

Guests include Steve Astorino, IBM VP Db2 and Analytics, plus associates Shaikh Quader, Lead AI Architect for Db2, and Jason Tavoularis, IBM Product Offering Manager. Demonstration videos were included during the show and you can see them in our replay as well.

In addition, Libby Ingrassia, IBM Champion “Mom”, provided terrific information about the IBM Champion program. Nominate yourself or someone worthy before 5 November 2019 at

100% of our studio audience learned something! What will you learn?

Watch the Replay!

The replay video has been edited and corrected to properly include the demo videos that IBM provided! YAY!

The show is 1 hour 15 minutes long. Apologies for the first minute – had some technical challenges today. Please watch as much as you can handle, and please subscribe to The DataView Show channel on YouTube. YouTube permits us to do great things once we reach enough subscribers and viewing time. Comments are welcomed. Be nice. Thank you for watching!

IBM Champion Update

If you are interested solely in Libby Ingrassia’s IBM Champion Program update, then you can enjoy her 10 minute presentation below!

Replay The DataView Show #1: Db2 HDM News and Db2 Hack-A-Thon

The DataView Show kicked off with three IBM guest presenters. You will learn about the upcoming Db2 Hack-A-Thon from Aylee Nielsen and Vin Agrawal. After their brief presentation, Les King shares with our audience a terrific presentation that covers the latest IBM Db2 Hybrid Data Management News, plus Les explains how to get started on your journey towards AI.

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There’s a new free e-book on using JSON with Db2.

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A New Webinar Series for IT Professionals

The DataView Show is a new webinar series curated by Scott Hayes, LIFETIME IBM Champion and IBM Gold Consultant, created in cooperation with IBM. The webinars, aka “Shows”, will be focused on AI and related IBM Data Technologies. Guests will include IBM Executives and top industry experts.

Previously Scott Hayes managed The Db2Night Show for ten years and it became incredibly popular with Db2 professionals around the globe. The DataView Show will build on this success while expanding content to various IBM technologies including AI, Watson, Cloud, Cognos, Informix, Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW, and more.

Watch this space for replay information and show news.