Replay – The DataView Show #9: “Marketing Challenges and Puzzles”

Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing, was our special guest, and it sure was a special show! 100% of our live audience learned something! Feedback from our audience was extremely positive! This wasn’t our usual “technical” show, but instead a show that was insightful, fun, and informative, and you will learn great advice that will be helpful to your IT careers!

Buell shared many insights about IBM strategies and priorities. He told stories. He shared advice. It was awesome! Do not try to serve him a Pimento Cheese sandwich!

Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing
Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing

Here are some of the questions that were asked: How will IBM make our lives awesome? And how is IBM getting the word out? What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about? Why should someone attend the IBM Think Conference? Do you remember your first day at IBM 45 years ago? How much did that suit cost? Besides your current job at IBM, what was a previous favorite and why? What was the favorite thing you learned or did during your IBM career? If you could do anything different over the last 40 years at IBM, what would that be? (Host Scott Hayes LOVED his answer) Do you have any career advice for IT people? (Hint: keep skills sharp and mind your attitude, and more). What is the IBM culture like, and how has it changed? Arvind, the new CEO of IBM, is your boss – have you spoken with him yet and how did it go? What is the importance of Data? Of AI?


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